Dress Code overview:

Indiana law (IND. CODE § 20-33-8-12) gives the school board the authority to set disciplinary guidelines which includes dress code.

Even though the policy addresses all types of clothing from shoes to leggings to pants, the part we will be enforcing this year is the shirts.  So please read the following part carefully:

Shirts:  Shirts must be solid color polo or oxford style with no stripes or designs.  Girls may also wear a solid color blouse with sleeves and a collar.  The shirt may be short or long sleeved and may not have a logo larger than 1 inch on the left side.  A plain long or short sleeved shirt may be worn underneath the polo shirt.  Shirts must fit reasonably; no baggy or skintight tops.  White tops must have an appropriate undershirt /undergarment. 

Every Friday is a Free Day.  On Fridays, students do not have to follow the West Goshen Standardized Dress code but must still follow Goshen Community Schools Corporation dress code policy.

What happens if the student does not obey the dress code?  We will loan the student a shirt and parents will be informed.  If a student continually fails to obey the dress code, this could lead to a student being placed in in-school suspension or even suspension from school.  This is not something we want to do, but could happen.

If you have any questions, call the school administrator at 533-7855.


West Goshen Elementary School Standardized Dress Code