GCS Foundation “Major Saver” Fundraiser, March 6-21

GCS elementary and middle school students will be selling “Major Saver” discount cards from March 6-21, 2019 to benefit the Goshen Community Schools Foundation. The GCS Foundation is a privately-funded educational grant program that strives to improve the innovation and creative experiences of GCS students. Founded in 2008 by several GCS alumni, the Foundation has been able to raise more than $83,000 towards this effort.

The Major Saver cards cost $15.00, and the business discounts are valid through March 1, 2020. The area businesses that are offering discounts through this Major Saver card include: Chili’s, McDonald’s, Universal Tamal, Maple City Bowl, The Electric Brew, Jiffy Lube, Goshen Brewing Co., Culver’s, Papa John’s, CiCi’s, Mega Blast Laser Tag Arcade, El Camino Real, Dutch Maid Bakery, Dairy Queen, Pride’s Express Car Wash, Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn, Buffalo Wild Wings, Goshen Family Restaurant, Wendy’s,Strikes & Spares (Mishawaka) and Urban Swirl. That’s twenty-one great offers for only $15!!

The students are helping the GCS Foundation by selling the cards, and have the opportunity to win prizes such as a limo ride and a pizza party if they sell 10 or more cards. The Foundation appreciates the willingness of students to sell the cards, which in turn will directly benefit GCS teachers and classrooms.