RedHawk Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition

Here are the results of the 1st Annual RedHawk Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition held on Foreman Field on Saturday April 29, 2017:

2nd Grade Division:

1st: Lucas Kroening

2nd: Spencer Elliott

3rd: Aveary Green


3rd Grade Division:

1st: Dominic Ortiz

2nd: Brady Park

3rd: Nathan Corbin


4th Grade Division

1st: Gabe Janisse

2nd:  Edwin Stephenson

3rd:  Quinn Rohn


5th Grade Division

1st: Ryan Eldridge

2nd: Drew Elliott

3rd: Jayden Schlabach


6th Grade Division

1st:  Jameson Rahn

2nd:  Blake Wyman


Congratulations to the winners of each division, and thank you to the GHS coaches and student athletes who helped with the competition!